What I Like About Facebook

I happen to like and enjoy facebook. I like to see what my friends are doing. I find inspiration in Hannah’s and Brooklyn’s journey of health and fitness. I see what they eat and what exercise they are doing and I’ve seen them recovering from heartbreak and tragedy in their lives. When I see Geri praising the Lord and know she misses Bill since his passing, I hope to have that kind of courage and strength.  I like knowing that many fine prayer warriors are available and committed to pray when needed. I like updating my cover photo with something inspirational.

Living far from my hometown, I feel connected to my family and now I have a great niece Charlotte and love her already even though I have not met her in person.

I enjoy the cooking videos and feel like I can make that! Especially if they can make it in 2 minutes. We all love the jokes and satires of life that we have also experienced. And I really think it’s pretty cool to wish someone Happy Birthday.

I like “stalking” around facebook looking at people I went to school with, old neighbors, and ex-co-workers, wondering what do they look like now. I don’t want to be friends, just nosy. It’s all so entertaining!

Facebook is a great way to keep up with what’s happening, Gail and JoAnne do a great job with what’s going on at the Pregnancy Center. In fact this week is a short video of a woman whose baby was unharmed in a terrible car accident, because she had her car seat buckled in correctly. She had taken a class at PRCE earlier and learned how.

I like joining groups, some focus on my hobby paper crafting and inspirational groups. There’s a group for just about anything you have an interest in. I like the free stuff group too!

Like anything in life it can used for good or manipulated into something bad. I am so glad my friends are friends and not haters.


2 thoughts on “What I Like About Facebook

  1. Jaime Palomo

    Oh yes Facebook can be a great way to connect, or reconnect, with people. I also am a “stalker,”…lol…hehehe!! I have to be careful though because I can let Facebook consume my life. Gotta make sure I interact with people in “real life” as much as I do in the Fb world.

  2. Gail Duhon

    Yep Facebook stalking is fun. Just don’t get caught “liking” their post on their wall…. Oops! Busted.

    But really Facebook is a wonderful tool for keeping in touch when you’re loved ones are many, many miles away. A quick pic and a post and its like you’re right there with them. And all it takes to interact is a simple thumbs up or a heart, or lets go out on a limb and post and entire sentence. Whoop – whoop!!

    Its also an excellent business tool for those who market their business online. Bearing in mind certain social etiquette of course.

    Here’s to Facebook: May your posts be filled with inspiration (& pics!) and the complaints be few.

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