Thanksgiving Past


Wes, Mamow, Pam

Wes, Mamow, Pam

Thanksgiving is the holiday I always looked forward to, and going to my Mamow’s house was the grandest event ever! My brothers, little sister and I would bundle up and jump in the old car, seemed like it took forever to get heat in the old jalopy. We would travel about 25 miles, I had no concept of distance and it seemed such a looong way away.  Mom was usually in a good mood, I guess because she didn’t have to work or cook! We would sing “Over the River and Through the Woods” only we didn’t know all the words and substituted some of our own, singing about our car, pies, and what Mamow would be cooking. About half way there my brothers would begin arguing over who would get the gizzard. On the way was a hill and we would beg mom to speed up, most of time she would, we would fly up out of our seats and thought that was the funniest thing. Of course back then we had no seat belts.

Finally we would arrive, the windows dripping with condensation was the first clue of what lay ahead, the warmth and wonderful smells of Thanksgiving, Mamow cooking in her little tiny kitchen, the view of pies sitting around everywhere, created in me a sense of heavenly delight. We would anxiously await, our hunger building. We played board games or go outside to build a snowman, whatever it was always ended in a fight, screaming and hollaring. That’s just how we are.

When Mamow and Papow  got a new color TV, WOW! It would be several years before we got one, in fact I would be an adult before I had color TV in my own home. The “Wizard of Oz”, would be on every year during the holiday season, it was explosive the first time we saw it in color. I think some of us were even jumping around with delight! Then time to go home. It would be dark outside, tired, stuffed and satisfied, we made our way to the old car, and sleep all the way, on the long journey home.


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  1. Jaime Palomo

    Wow!!! I want to travel back in time and be part of your family gathering!! You painted a beautiful picture…thank you gor sharing your memories 😃

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