Saltgrass Steakhouse Restaurant Review

I rarely get asked out on a Friday night in fact that hasn’t happened in a lot of years. So when my wonderful son asked if I would like to have a nice dinner with him – his treat how could I refuse! We decided to check out the Saltgrass steak house, how exciting! I know I’m not used to evening dinning so my perception may be a tad off, of course we expected a wait to be seated and surprisingly, it wasn’t long at all before we were seated for such a small dining capacity restaurant. Excellent! I thought. Unfortunately the building acoustics allowed for so much noise I couldn’t hear the waitress, had to yell across the table, and sadly I couldn’t hear my dining partner. In my opinion it was just too loud to enjoy my special night out. There are techniques to reduce noise reverberation and I hope management will check into ways to enhance the dining experience. I intentionally looked around and most people were not talking to each other, and they were certainly yelling in the bar area. Our waitress didn’t have on a name tag or I couldn’t see it, so I wasn’t sure of her name, she may have said it but I couldn’t hear it. Kind of a funny thing she wrote our order on a napkin, I ordered a 12 oz rib eye and didn’t ask how I preferred to have it cooked, she came back after our appetizers to ask. Anyway it came out a little too rare I sent it back, which really shouldn’t happen in a steak restaurant. The steak was really good and I enjoyed it very much! All the food was hot and delicious. I ordered butter on the side for my baked potato and had to use a spoon to scoop the delicious quarter pound of melted butter out of it. On the way home discussing our experience and the food, because we couldn’t have a conversation at the restaurant, because I couldn’t hear anything. Price was the first topic noting price was at the top of our budget, the extras and add ons seemed to be a little high. I had onions and mushrooms which added an extra 2.99.

Then I find they have a to go charge of 45cents! We got a piece of chocolate cake to go. I find this outrageous! Just saying. I was disappointed with my experience, even though the food was good, I will probably not go back anytime soon.

Outside appearance/parking lot
Description of meal
Food was good and looked good
Quality of meal
Good quality
Good presentation of meals and appetizer
Food was hot
No name tag, very busy night did ok job
Facility looked very clean, the floor, tables were clean
Bathroom Cleanliness
Very nice and clean
Why Should You Go
Food was good, that’s about all
The Unexpected
The loudness, the steak not cooked properly, and 45 cent to go charge!
Price:  Pricey ♥ ♥
I will give Saltgrass 2 out of 5

One thought on “Saltgrass Steakhouse Restaurant Review

  1. AvatarKelli

    Hilton and I went there on a date. We got sat pretty quick but didn’t see our waitress until after we asked for a manage. Food was okay, cost for the food was too high for what we got. Service was bad the whole dining experience. I typically give a restaurant several chances especially when new but we won’t go back. Texas Roadhouse is so much better.

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