Every year I start out, like most Americans, with a plan—New Year, New You! Sometimes that’s as far as it goes. Last year, I made the same plan and actually followed through with a couple steps to improve myself. I joined a weight loss support group, and have lost a bit of weight. Of course, we won’t talk about putting on a few celebratory pounds over the holidays. I also joined a gym and have enjoyed going to its pool during the week. I only use the pool for walking, but have been pretty consistent through the year. This can also be attributed to my friend Helen who joined with me and keeps me going.

I didn’t do as well as I hoped last year using my planners. For one thing it seemed like I was entering unrelated items in the same calendar and planner, thus mixing things up and being confused when I search for a particular entry. For example, I had my weight loss and exercise logged in with lunch dates, card ideas, and blog ideas. My friend and co-worker Kerry shared with me how she uses the calendar and apps on her phone. I found this extremely helpful and get so much more out of my phone, although, I still feel the need to write it down, you know just in case something happens … So this year I have a new strategy! And here it is:

A planner/calendar for each section of my life:
1. Prayer Journal
2. Weight Loss/Exercise Tracker
3. Blog/Creative Journal
4. My appointment calendar – purse size
5. Work Calendar – I will be returning to work part time at Pregnancy Resource Center East.

I know I won’t use each one every day and that is just fine. I feel like I did the first day of school with my new supplies and high hopes for a wonderful year, a productive year, a year full of healing and growing.

What will you be doing for a new you in 2018?

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