Planning A New Year

I make the same old resolutions year after year. You know lose weight, exercise more, etc… Sometimes I have lost the resolve before January 2! I know people who plan everything, write lists keep track of appointments and they do it all on their phone. ¬†Usually I just let life take its course. I make a grocery list and forget it. Clip coupons only to find the other brand is still cheaper. I have always wanted to be organized, a planner and list maker, I have all the stuff and it grows each year. I have bought some expensive planners. When I see my beautiful planner I can’t write in it because I don’t want to yuck it up with my ugly handwriting. What if I write down an appointment and have to change it, then I will have to scratch it out or slop it up with white out. I know, you say use a pencil. My only argument there is I want to use ink! Anyway the “planner” I always use is the dollar store flimsy plastic calendar. I don’t care if it’s all marked up, or yucked up. I start the year with 3. One for home that stays close by the phone area. One is smaller to travel in my purse or bag. And of course one is for my resolution to lose weight and track my progress. That has to be separate so I can put it in a secure location.

I have my planners ready and my plan is to plan!

5 thoughts on “Planning A New Year

  1. JoAnne Leppo

    It’s always a battle to keep planners, isn’t it? I always admired people who had these fancy agendas that they pulled out at meetings… I wonder if they keep it up or if they only used them that one time, ha.
    The one that finally worked for me is the little calendar on my cell phone. I carry my phone with me always anyway, and I can delete the mistakes. I finally found something works for me!
    —disclaimer, it doesn’t help me to loose weight though… sigh….

  2. Kerry Rickard

    Ah! But Chuck introduced me to Wunderlist! It’s an app you can download on your PC, phone, iphone, tablet, etc. It’s awesome! You can name a list anything you want, add your “to do’s”, and then when you finish something it even gives a very satisfying chime sound, lol. You can also share any list you want with someone and then when the other person adds to it (for example – Groceries), it immediately updates across all platforms. You have to try it Pam.

  3. Gail Duhon

    You know I have my regular, but completely personalized planner each year for work that helps me stay up to date, for the most part, with the details of events and meetings. I try to personalize it with encouraging scriptures for each month. This year since you were not there to help me I’ve had to pare down my pages quite a bit. But it still has the necessary personalized month and notes pages with empty pockets for keeping items related to the event or meeting, etc. Oh, and I learned that I can reuse the outside binder cover and hard plastic separaters from year to year – cutting down the price to repurpose the planner. I’m using the orange one you gave me last year. So far so good. Of course the year is only one day old. Ha ha.

  4. Jaime Palomo

    Well, ma’am, I am in the same boat as you are. Maybe this year will be our year to succeed.

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