Peace After The Ladies Retreat?

The ladies at Baytown Community Church hosted a wonderful Ladies Retreat yesterday.  Linda Wall gave a wonderful and inspiring message, about thriving in our life.  The ladies of the Church provided a delicious lunch featuring a huge variety of salads, chicken salad, tuna salad, Greek salad, pasta salad, strawberry pretzel salad, Watergate salad, so many I can’t name them all. Then we went on to dessert, cakes, pies and cookies… The tables were all decorated so lovely, with the finest china and glassware. If they were trying to make us feel special, I can only say it worked. At our break out session, I was just amazed at the accomplishments of some of the ladies and their professional careers, like welding or the lady that taught physics and mathematics. Then at the end the ladies (each donated gifts)  presented a wonderful door prize to each of the participants that were still present, all these gifts were fabulous. Feeling relaxed, energized, and full of God’s peace I went home. Home to a football game on TV turned full blast. Don trying on his Church shoes to see if they still fit, and every light in the house on. First thing I went for the remote to turn that thing down! No remote. The search began, looked in the couches, under the couches, in the bed, in the kitchen in the refrigerator the freezer. I know that sound silly but we have found various items in there before. I texted my son who was on his way to a game. He didn’t know where it was. He seemed a little irritated that I would bother him over what he deemed a silly issue. I was growing crazier with each minute the crowd was roaring! I thought I can’t take this all night. We had just got a new TV box and it didn’t have any way to turn the channel on it. My peace was gone. Finally on the verge of tears, I sat down and thought about, how just a couple hours ago I was so content and now look at me going to cry and that noise was causing me to have a break down. Then it hit me to just turn off the TV, I didn’t need to use the box. DUH! So when I calmed down and was rocking in my chair thinking about how nutty this whole event was, standing by the table leg in an upright position, there was that stupid remote.


2 thoughts on “Peace After The Ladies Retreat?

  1. Jaime Palomo

    Its funny how the enemy will use any ol’ thing to rob us of our peace, isnt it?? Especially after spending a day in fellowship with our Lord and fellow believers. When we try to frantically solve our own problems, we get overwhelmed and frustrated, and everything seems so LOUD. Thats when God wants us to do exactly what you did: be still. Be still and know! God can calm the storm and dry our tears. And in those quiet moments, when we feel like the noise its too much to handle, He reveals the answer. Most times its something so simple…like just turning off the t.v., then we think: “well, why didn’t I think of that??” Because we lost our focus. And before you know it, it’s right as rain again…because God makes it so. ❤

    P.S. I am so glad you came to the retreat! I So enjoyed your company!! Also, I made tuna salad and the Watergate salad you mentioned!!! So glad you liked them enough to mention it 😁

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