Outback Steakhouse -Restaurant Review

Outback Steakhouse Restaurant Review
5218 I-10E
Baytown, TX 77521

We headed out to get something to eat on Saturday. I was really having a hankering for a good steak. Of course we are trying to decide where to go and in the discussion the bloomin’ onion was mentioned, and we all know Outback opens in the evening so that’s out. Or so we thought! Checking what time it opened we discovered they are open for lunch now! Can you believe my delight! Now I discover it’s been open for lunch “6 or 7 months now”. Anyway we had a wonderful meal that included the bloomin’ onion appetizer calorie count 1954. There were not many customers, I think most people might be like me and not know they open at 11:00am.

Outside appearance/parking lot- clean
Description of meal – Rib eye steak, baked potato, salad and bloomin’ onion

Quality of meal- above average, steak was cooked just a tad too well but not enough to send back

Presentation- The onion is always spectacular, meals looked fresh and appetizing

Temperature- hot food hot and cold food cold

Service- our waitress seemed experienced and attentive, maybe because it was slow. Our server didn’t have a name tag

Cleanliness- very clean!

 Restroom Cleanliness- Once again I didn’t check the restroom- sorry, again

 Why Should You Go – really good steaks, fresh salad and yummy onion!

 The Unexpected- They are open for Lunch!!!

 Price: A little Pricey

Star Rating (out of 5): ♥ ♥ ♥ 






One thought on “Outback Steakhouse -Restaurant Review

  1. AvatarJaime Palomo

    Oooohhh…Outback!!! Yum!! I’ve never had a bad experience at Outback and I’m glad you didn’t either 😃

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