Our Christmas Sports Tree

I realize I am responsible in some part for the behavior of my only son. Cody is a sports fan-atic. He watches anything that rolls, bounces, or thrown, batted and kicked. He is home for now and  working long hours and diligently paying off his student loans. Cody is also a weekend TV hog. We get about 50 sports channels with our cable package, this means we can watch several games at once and one after another as long as we can keep our eyes open – all weekend. The roar of the crowd, cheering and jumping for joy hour after hour, it’s just like being there. This Christmas he has bought an even bigger TV for the family to enjoy. Oh, I miss Hallmark movies.

Why would I be somewhat responsible? Even though his dad is a sports fan and set an example for the love of the game. At a mere 6 years old I encouraged him with the NFL math computer game, it was educational! Then there was the year of the Sports Tree, and it took the whole year for us to gather all the ornaments for it. We would stalk eBay for Hallmark ornaments, only NIB. (New In Box)  I was just as excited as he was when we won a bid and received a package. We knew all about the ornaments and the sets they were in. It was fun to plan and bid and search for each figure, all the while staying in budget.  When Christmas finally came and we got the tree out he did the decorating. He placed them on the tree in his own ranking order. Elway was his all time favorite. He was front and center. Older players he didn’t know went to the back, and so on. We were both really proud of that Tree!

May God bless you, and have a Merry Christmas.

4 thoughts on “Our Christmas Sports Tree

  1. Jaime Palomo

    What an interesting and unique tree!!(And look how young Cody is…aww!!) I bet that was such a bonding experience for you and Cody. Might be time to recreate that tree all these years later…

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!!

  2. Linda Taylor

    What a great story! My sister and nephews are also sports fanatics….I will have to pass this super idea on to them! Merry Christmas!!

  3. JoAnne Leppo

    How interesting!! We add hallmark ornaments to our tree also every year, but it’s mostly star wars stuff.

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