Obituaries Don’t Tell The Whole Story

When I get the Baytown Sun I scan the front page then turn ┬áto the obituaries, and it is always sad to see someone you have known pictured there. It tells where and when they were born and little of their life’s work and the family left behind.

One obituary this week Ms. Bill Cates couldn’t begin to explain her wonderful sense of humor and how much of a comedienne she was, she could have been on stage she was so funny. She was a humble but strong figure and was fiercely loyal to her family, the Pregnancy Resource Center and her Church. Ms. Bill loved her cats too and I remember she made a kitty litter cake for an event at the center, it was so real looking I could not eat it!

I’m also reminded of the obituaries of my very dear friends that passed away a couple years ago, Beryl Considine and Frances Cummings, their obituaries could never tell how both ladies had a major impact in my life. We volunteered for many years at Pregnancy Resource Center East. Just one point is the fact both were examples of Godly wives and encouraged me to be a little kinder and less harsh with my own husband, and so probably saved my marriage. Now that Don is suffering with dementia/Alzheimer disease I see God’s plan working in my life.

This week we are vigilant in prayer for my husband’s 99 year old Aunt Merle VanMeter. Her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren and great great grandchildren by her side. Hospice has been tending her needs as she draws near to her eternal home. There are no words that can express or explain the impact and what her example alone has been on the lives of all she has touched.

I am now wondering what my own obituary will say. Have you thought about what yours will say?

2 thoughts on “Obituaries Don’t Tell The Whole Story

  1. AvatarJaime Palomo

    I haven’t thought of what my obituary would say but I have pondered how people would remember me; about tge memories that I will leave behind. No matter how beautifully written or flowery words may be…all they are are words on paper. To me, what’s more important, is how I made you feel. Did I make you feel loved, cherished, did I make you laugh, did I a make you feel like you were so special to me? Because those things are what people will remember of us. More importantly, I want people to remember that I loved the Lord so very fiercely. Sounds like your Heavenly sisters left such good memories behind…and that’s really all we could ask for.

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