My Keurig Adventure

One of the catch lines Keurig uses is “Brew an Adventure”. Finding the K-cup that is just right for me is becoming an adventure of sorts. I received a Keurig 2.0 for Christmas and I love it. Only I don’t love the coffee. I know what Goldilocks feels like, finding one that’s “Just Right”. The problem I have is the bitterness, not the strength, I can adjust that, but the flavor is downright bitter. ┬áMy search is hindered by the fact I get a caffeine overdose. The first day I was trying the flavors in the Keurig assortment, ended up with my heart racing, clammy and a bit light headed. So now I just try one a day. Even if I don’t’ find one that’s “Just Right” I will use my reusable filter with my regular Folgers and be very happy with that, not to mention saving the planet with all that leftover plastic.
I have tried an assortment of hot chocolate and all of those are very delightful. I found the Sugar Babies and Junior Mint hot chocolate at Wal-Mart and I find them very sweet and interesting. I will start the Iced Tea when the weather warms a bit.
So far my favorite K-cup isn’t coffee at all.

What is your favorite K-cup? I might give it a try!

One thought on “My Keurig Adventure

  1. chris bloomfield

    well pammy, i have seen hot tea for the keurig also , and if my memory is correct you enjoy hot tea. and actually its been warm enough for the iced tea. i purchased the sweet iced tea and my son liked it, but my husband didn’t. i plan on purchasing unsweeted to see how they feel about it. and i have found that you can find a larger selection online opposed to the stores. ENJOY ! and see jamie’s not your only friend lol

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