Memories of the Mall

I went to the mall, San Jacinto Mall to be precise last week and as I strolled around the almost empty and half-torn down buildings, it was a little sad for me. I was thinking this is a shame our mall has come to this, then I started to realize most, if not all malls across the country are on the way to becoming extinct. Some of the blame lies with me, yes I have a little blame, I stopped coming to the mall regularly many years ago.

When my son was small we made regular trips to the mall for lunch, to see a movie, play games at Power Play, he saved all his tickets several hundred or maybe thousands, for months maybe years. He finally got a enough for a “good” prize, he bought a 4 x 4 inch radio that looks like a computer. Yes he still has his hard earned “prize” safely tucked away with his other treasures. Some day it may go to a museum, and people will wonder just what is that thing? There was the 5th birthday party at Physical Whimsical, watching for our stuff to come down the conveyor at Service Merchandise. Riding the elevators at Monkey Wards, Sears and Macy’s. Our family loved to eat at Piccadilly, how could you forget the jell-o with the kids meal.  We would make regular treks for school clothes, Christmas shopping, and any holiday or occasions we needed gifts.

We had our picture taken with Santa, the Easter Bunny, Bert and Ernie came to visit all the way from Sesame Street, not to mention the cows from Moo Mesa! There was always something happening at the mall, and we loved it.

Cody grew and the mall changed owners several times, our visits slowed until we practically quit going except for the occasional purchase from Sears for appliances or car batteries.  I was saddened by our Sears as I looked around nostalgically, clothes filled in the area where TV’s and other appliances once lived. Penney’s has also suffered with changes- not all were good, the beauty shop has never been updated sort of run down and I miss the catalog counter.






Looking back more than 25 years I can say:

“Those were the good ole days”.


One thought on “Memories of the Mall

  1. Jaime Palomo

    I was never around when San Jacinto Mall was in its hey day. The rare times that I go now, I’ll walk around the empty stores and wonder about how its used to be. Up until last year, I’d take Eva to the carousel upstairs but that’s gone now 😔 One day I hope to see it all resurrected.

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