Making Improvements

So when I made the decision to resign my position at a job I loved, to care for my husband with dementia/Alzheimer, it proved to be much harder than I thought. Between feelings of inadequacy and guilt, the stress can seem almost unbearable at times. I began to pile on more and more weight reaching my all time high almost immediately! I knew I had to try to do something.

The first thing I wanted to deal with was of course the weight. I mulled around the different diet programs and options. I participated in lots of  gimmicks and plans, I joined and rejoined Weight Watchers so many times I can’t count!  I had been a member of TOPS – Take Off  Pounds Sensibly in years past and although they don’t have any specific food program they are a support group with incentives and accountability. Plus they are inexpensive compared to the numerous other options available. I made the decision to start first week in January.

I recently won the Spring Slimdown contest, with so many neat items. It has really encouraged me, I am a little surprised by my competitive nature!

Club meeting still didn’t offer the stress relief I’d been searching for, knowing the need to incorporate some kind of exercise led me to join our local 24 Hour fitness with one of my best friends Helen. Helen is the most dependable person I know, she keeps me in check and accountable, and wow how I need that! We meet every morning at 5:30 am –  neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night, will keep us away from our hour in the pool.

To really be whole, emotionally, physically and spiritually you have to treat, heal and feed the Mind, Body and Soul. My spirituality comes only from my relationship with God. As in any relationship the amount of time spent together and communicating reflect how deep the love relationship becomes. Reading and mediation on the word of  God is Him talking to me. Praying, singing songs of praise is my way of talking to God.

My hope is to continue improving, learning and growing to have the best life possible.

8 thoughts on “Making Improvements

  1. AvatarKerry M Rickard

    Sounds like you have a great plan Pammers and congrats for your determination! I miss seeing and speaking with you on a regular bases but I’m grateful you have this blog … it’s a way for me (and your other friends) to see how you are doing and keeps us from staying out of touch. Keep doing what you are doing and may God bless you in all your efforts! Loves!

  2. AvatarJaime Palomo

    Pam!! I love this!!! Our Heavenly Father wants us to be in tune with Him, mind, body, and soul. (That slogan sounds familiar 😉)

    May God continue to bless you throughout this journey, my friend!!

    And congrats on the win!! Whoo hoo!!

  3. AvatarKelli

    Pam I’m so happy you are doing so good. I truly can’t imagine the stress. Taking care of someone is hard enough but to add the dementia/Alzheimer’s adds a whole new level of hard. I’m glad you have a great friend that helps you be a better you. Love ya!

  4. AvatarLinda Taylor

    Pam, I know the difficulties of caring for a loved one. It sounds like you are on the right track for caring for yourself too. Proud of you and your accomplishments! Keep it up!!

  5. AvatarPam

    Thanks for the encouraging words I have a very long way to go but we know with God all things are possible I holding on to that!

  6. AvatarJoAnne Leppo

    That’s so encouraging about what you’re doing with the weight thing… I can say I really know about the weight thing. I struggle all the time with it. Please keep posting for tips and stuff. It will help everyone. Seems like so many people are struggling with this.

    I know about caring for someone, but I think the alzheimer thing is probably so much harder than I have with Mom. At least Mom remembers stuff once you tell her at least 15 times.

    Praying for you….

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