Luby’s Restaurant Review

My family has always like to go to the cafeteria, everyone could get what they wanted. I had a wonderful visit with Ms. Linda, I laughed so much my sides were hurting. That is the most important thing about lunch is visiting and not necessarily about the meal. So here is my review of Luby’s.

Restaurant Review for
Luby’s Cafeteria
1201 West Baker Road
Baytown, TX 77521
Outside appearance/parking lot
Very clean.
Description of meal
Fried Fish, Baked Potato, Green Beans, Roll, Salad.
Quality of meal
Below Average. I was disappointed with my meal. It was served just barely room temperature. In other words it was cold!  My dining partner sent her baked potato back because it was very cold, dry and seemed to be “old”, mine was similar, I just didn’t send it back. We had a piece of coconut pie that had the consistency of dry cottage cheese with not much taste, I would give that a thumbs down for sure.
Food looked very appetizing.
Served at Room temperature. Nothing was hot. This is a little worrisome.
Lunch time. Surprisingly not many diners. The servers were very nice, kept the line moving. The wait staff in the dining room were very attentive, checked on our table it and made for a better experience.
The serving line was clean and tempting. The tray counter was dirty with some food spillage, and pushing your tray through it seemed yucky. The dining room was clean and arranged nicely.
Bathroom Cleanliness
Did not check
Why Should You Go
Luby’s has a variety of home cooked entrees and you are able to get a smaller portion called a Luann plate. The salads are good. You can send food back with no problem.
The Unexpected
How the quality has changed since my last visit.
Price: $$—Fair

I will give Luby’s  2 out of 5  Overall Rating (out of 5)    ♥♥

One thought on “Luby’s Restaurant Review

  1. AvatarJaime Palomo

    Sorry you were disappointed with Luby’s. When I go I have the opposite complaints. Food is good but the waiters are not very attentive. We usually have to wait forever to get a refill. In fact, I’ve had to get up and get my own refill. But…i love the food.

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