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This is a guest review, from my son and although it may not be typical this is what happened…jack-boxMy father and I recently went through the drive thru of Jack in the Box located at 3601 N Main St. on Sunday, October 9, 2016 at approximately 12:45 p.m. I rarely go to Jack in the Box because of the low quality and poor service. But will go only if other fast-food restaurants are particularly inconvenient. This was one of those occasions. After waiting at least two minutes at the drive-thru speaker, I ordered a small plain hamburger and a value fry for my elderly father. As I approached the window, I heard the drive-thru attendant say to another worker inside the restaurant “I need the 20 nuggets, right?” The other worker screamed in response, “no we are on the junior jumbo jack.” The attendant replied, “what the f—?”

The attendant then said the total was $3.24. I gave the gentleman a $5 bill. He properly gave me my order. Then he abruptly gave me change. And in the exchange I either dropped the change or he did not properly give me the change. I opened the door and realized I could not pick up the currency. I said, “just forget about it.” I didn’t particularly care about the change. The attendant immediately replied in a threatening manner, “get your f—— a– out of my line.” I responded, “what?” I was really taken aback at this point. I have frequented many businesses in my day and I have never been cussed at by an employee. The attendant responded, “you need to leave!” I then calmly asked him for the manger. He said, “I AM the manager.” I replied, “well, what is your name?” He gave me a name  “Oscar” and I left. I immediately went home and called the local Jack in the Box location. I asked for the manager and a women answered the phone. I told her about my experience. I also sent an email complaint to the corporate office

This is not my first poor experience at a Jack in the Box. During law school in Austin I lived across the street from a Jack in the Box. This restaurant is located on 41st street. I ordered a meal that came with curly fries. After eating a few curly fires I noticed a dead, fried cricket mixed with the other fires. Of course, at the time it was “swarm” season for the crickets. But it is mindboggling that a cricket, on its own, can enter the restaurant and fall into the fryer with curly fries and be scooped into a box without the workers noticing.

My suggestion is to avoid Jack in the Box. You could be cussed out and may discover unwanted surprises as you eat insalubrious slop. At the very least, you should avoid the Jack in the Box located on N. Main.

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