Four Easy Cross Cards

I’ve been absent from blogging and card making for some time now. I thought I would just stop making cards, but after some emotional healing and a trip to Walgreens to buy a couple cards, I changed my mind! So here I am again and I want to share the cards I made this week. I was going for encouragement but it looks more like sympathy cards. Or could be encouragement cards when facing a particularly rough trial. Well sometimes just let the card just speakĀ  for their self!

Thanks for looking!

5 thoughts on “Four Easy Cross Cards

  1. AvatarBrenda Williams

    Beautiful..What is in your heart will spring forth..
    Glad you made this decision..they are very mean so much..

  2. AvatarGail Duhon

    Ooooo!! I love them all. I especially love the one with the gold ribbon going around the body of the card. You do fabulous work Ms Pam!

  3. AvatarKerry Rickard

    Honestly you could sell these at Hobby Lobby, Hallmark, or anywhere! You definitely could do Or…are you already selling them??

  4. AvatarJaime Palomo

    Pam!!! Welcome back to card making. Glad you decided to continue to share your gift with all of us!! Love you!!

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