Changing Times

emojiOn my recent trip to Dollar Tree for a few balloons to celebrate my son passing the Texas Bar Exam, a funny thing happened. I’m sure most of you know what a smiley face is, it was introduced in 1963. Kids, teens and hippies (hope everyone knows what a hippie is) put them everywhere for many years bright yellow with black eyes and a smile, we put them on notebooks, shirts and even patches on our pants. So back to the Dollar Tree, a very sweet young woman helped me get my  balloons I was going through the list of the ones I wanted and when I said I wanted 3 of the smiley face, she stopped and looked at me and said “what smiley face?” I told her that one as I pointed to the bright yellow balloon with the black eyes and wide smile, she began to grin and looking at me as if I were a little confused, she said “OH, you want the emoji.”  I was really happy  I knew what an emoji was and we both had a little chuckle, thinking how times have changed.

One thought on “Changing Times

  1. Jaime Palomo

    Thats a cute story but kinda sad in a way. Not knowing what a smiley face is??? Ahhh!!!

    Oan! Congrats to your son!! Job well done!

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