Milkshake Surprise


I had an interesting afternoon Wednesday. I tagged along with my friend Chris to Crosby, we had lunch (yea!) at China Ko (yea!). Then for a treat she took me to –wait for it — a convenience store?!  Do you know what this is? a milkshake vending machine! Can you believe it. You have three choices of thickness and over 20 flavors to choose from. Just pick your flavor remove the top. Then place the cup in a larger cup, pick the thickness and press the button. It goes up in machine, you can hear it spinning, and abracadabra you shake comes down- grab a straw and enjoy. I was so busy enjoying that I didn’t get the name of store for sure. I believe it is Fuel Maxx by the railroad tracks. Yummy!

One thought on “Milkshake Surprise

  1. Jaime Palomo

    Oh, yes!! I love these shakes! If you ever go to Conroe, there’s a speedy stop on the corner of 105 and Loop 336 that sell these delicious treats! Its a must try 😁

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